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René Redzepi über Geschmack

René Redzepi ist Chefkoch des NOMA in Kopenhagen, welchredzepi-terroir-2013-1es lange Zeit als bestes Restaurant der Welt galt und immer noch zu den besten Restaurants der Welt gehört. Auf einem Symposium in Kanada sprach er über Essen und Geschmack. Leider ist sein Vortrag online nicht verfügbar, „better taste than sorry“ hat aber netterweise die letzten zwei Minuten mitgeschrieben:

“And what do I like about food? I can’t answer that question simply, because food is everything. It’s a metaphor for how we interact with the world. On sad moments and on happy moments. It’s a matter for conversation, it’s a transformation of our environment. With food we literally consume light and weather. We are putting the world into our bodies. Food becomes who you are. With food you can repair yourself.

But believe it or not, the reason why I fell in love with cooking has got nothing to do with the lovely magnificent 85 hour work weeks, or the lovely centimeter and a half that I lost of from one of my fingers to the courtesy of a sharp knife.

No, I fell in love with flavor. And what deliciousness, if you allow it to, can do for you. It excites you and it fuels you. It can be a time machine, it fills you with memories. Yeah, yeah, sure, a body doesn’t need it to stay alive, but my mind does. It’s the extra icing on top. It is what makes life fun to live. To me celebrating a well cooked meal, delicious flavors – weither being a taco al pastor on the streets of Mexico, or the ten course elaborate meal or even the perfect cooked chicken from an old yard. That’s the difference between bodily maintenance and real living. Am I ok? Yeah, I am fucking much more than ok.”

Dem ist absolut nichts mehr hinzuzufügen. Danke!

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